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No-Sound-Utilities - 05 Minutes Until The Karaoke Starts-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - 10 Minutes Until The Karaoke Starts-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - 15 Minutes Until The Karaoke Starts-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - 30 Seconds Until The New Year Countdown Jingle-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Adios! Guten Tag! Bonsoir! Ciao! Goodbye!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Applause-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Are You Singing That In B Flat Or Very Flat-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Best Wishes On Your Wedding Day-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Brilliant!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Can You Murder Other Songs Too-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Clap! You Miserable Bastards!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Competition Starts In 05 Minutes (5 Minute Track)-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Competition Starts In 10 Minutes (5 Minute Track)-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Competition Starts In 15 Minutes (5 Minute Track)-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Contest Tonight-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Cool!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Could You Sing That In English-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Do Not Hassle The Karaoke Host!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Do You Know Any Instrumentals-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Don't Give Up Your Day Job-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Don't Steal The Pens!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Don't Swing The Mics-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Drink And Drive-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Elvis Has Left The Building-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Expect It To Start Raining When The Next Singer Begins-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - F@@king Hell! There Are Some Scrubbers In Here Tonight!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Fucking Hell Its Rough In 'Ere-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Good Night!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy 18th Birthday-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy 21st Birthday-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy 30th Birthday-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy 40th Birthday-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy 50th Birthday-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy 60th Birthday-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy 70th Birthday-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy Anniversary-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy Hogmanay-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy New Year-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Happy Valentines Day-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Have A Safe Journey Home-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Hola! Bonjour! Wilkommen! Welcome!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - I Must Get A Proper Job!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - If You're A Singer My Dick's A Kipper-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - In A Rush To Get Your Song On The Karaoke... Buy The Karaoke Host A Drink-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - It's 'Out Of The Hat' Karaoke!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - It's Happy Hour-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - It's Kamikaze Karaoke-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - It's Time For The Bride & Groom's First Dance-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Karaoke Plug-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Last Orders At The Bar!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Last Song-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Leave The F@@king Telly Alone!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Let's Hear It For Some Good Singing!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Let's Hear Some Noise!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Let's Heart It For Some Bad Singing-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Merry Christmas-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - New Year Countdown + Happy New Year-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Nightclub Or Bar Closing-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - No Bloody Kids On The Karaoke!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - No More Requests-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - No Smoking On The Dancefloor-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Normal Service Will Resume In 10 Minutes-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Oh No Not Another Fucking Elvis-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Only ONE Request At A Time Please!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Please Not Another 'I Will Survive'-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Please Not Another 'Paradise'-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Private Party Or Show Closing-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Sex Is Only Allowed If I Can Join In!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Show Starts In 05 Minutes-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Show Starts In 10 Minutes-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Show Starts In 15 Minutes-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Show Starts In 20 Minutes-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Sign Up For Contest-SCG
No-Sound-Utilities - Take A Look Through The Song Books-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Take Your Requests To The Karaoke Host-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - That's A Nice Dress... ...You're Nearly Wearing!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - That's All Folks... Now Piss Off Home-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - The Region's Number 1 Karaoke Venue-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - This Bloke Couldn't Carry A Tune In A Bag-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - This Is The Last Song-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Time At The Bar!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - We Are Judging The Competition-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - We Are Nearly Full For Requests-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - We Are Now Full For Requests-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - We Can Provide Earplugs On Request-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - We Have A Winner In The Competition-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - We Need Volunteers For The Karaoke-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - We Only Accept Bribes From Pretty Girls!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Welcome To Our Friday Show-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Welcome To Our Monday Show-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Welcome To Our Saturday Show-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Welcome To Our Sunday Show-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Welcome To Our Thursday Show-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Welcome To Our Tuesday Show-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Welcome To Our Wednesday-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Welcome To The Karaoke Show-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - What A Good Do!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - What A Pleasure!-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Win A Beer! Sing Kamikaze-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - Win A Beer! Sing Our Mystery Song-ZMG
No-Sound-Utilities - You Are The Weakest Link ...Goodbye!-ZMG
Sound Effects - 30 Seconds Countdown (Clock And Music)-DJB
Sound Effects - Big Ben Strikes Twelve-DJB
Sound Effects - Bits & Pieces 1-DJB
Sound Effects - Bits & Pieces 2-DJB
Sound Effects - Boohiss (Small Crowd)-DJB
Sound Effects - Car Crash (Driving Test)-DJB
Sound Effects - Chains-TTK
Sound Effects - Cheer (Large Crowd-Football)-DJB
Sound Effects - Cheer (Small Crowd)-DJB
Sound Effects - Church Wedding Bells-DJB
Sound Effects - Clock Ticking (Ill Have To Hurry You)-DJB
Sound Effects - Comedy Fart-DJB
Sound Effects - Constipation Or Climax-DJB
Sound Effects - Creaking-TTK
Sound Effects - Deciding Contest Winner-SCG
Sound Effects - Disco Lazer-DJB
Sound Effects - Dog Barking-DJB
Sound Effects - Drumroll-DJB
Sound Effects - Evil Laugh-TTK
Sound Effects - Evil Laughter-DJB
Sound Effects - Fart-Cor-DJB
Sound Effects - Flamingos-DJB
Sound Effects - Gameshow Wrong Sound-DJB
Sound Effects - Gesundheit-DJB
Sound Effects - Girl Fear Screams-TTK
Sound Effects - Gladiators-Another One Bites The Dust-DJB
Sound Effects - Goblin Laugh-DJB
Sound Effects - Goodnight-Keith Chegwin & Pat Coomes-DJB
Sound Effects - Here Comes The Bride-DJB
Sound Effects - Horror Background-DJB
Sound Effects - I Could Have Danced All Night-Julie Andrews-DJB
Sound Effects - It's Alive-TTK
Sound Effects - It's My Turn-TTK
Sound Effects - Long Burp-DJB
Sound Effects - Long Drum Roll-SCG
Sound Effects - Mass Hysteria-DJB
Sound Effects - Medium Drum Roll-SCG
Sound Effects - Montage-TTK
Sound Effects - Next Singer-TTK
Sound Effects - Nightmare On Alfred Street-DJB
Sound Effects - Now That's Funny-DJB
Sound Effects - Phone Ringing-DJB
Sound Effects - Police Siren-DJB
Sound Effects - Raspberry-DJB
Sound Effects - Ready For The Next Singer-TTK
Sound Effects - Short Drum Roll-SCG
Sound Effects - Snoring (Group)-DJB
Sound Effects - Spooky Laughter-DJB
Sound Effects - Tarzan Gets Shot-DJB
Sound Effects - Technical Difficulties-DJB
Sound Effects - Thank You For Singing-TTK
Sound Effects - The Dark Room-DJB
Sound Effects - The Twilight Zone-DJB
Sound Effects - Thunderclap-DJB
Sound Effects - Toad Burp-DJB
Sound Effects - Toilet Of Doom-DJB
Sound Effects - Twang-DJB
Sound Effects - Wedding March (Church)-DJB
Sound Effects - Wedding March (Classical)-DJB
Sound Effects - Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye-Ovaltineys-DJB
Sound Effects - Wolf Whistle-DJB
Sound Effects - Wolves-DJB